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Family Therapy

Seek counselling as a family to navigate disagreements, strained relationships and grief, coming to a positive solution everyone can agree on.

What is Family Therapy?

Staying together under one roof for extended periods during the pandemic may have brought to surface disagreements and difficulties within the family, between spouses or parents and children.

Family Therapy can help families who may be feeling overwhelmed from strained relationships, changes in family status and marital conflict, to work together towards a positive solution.

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What are the outcomes of Family Therapy?

Through Family Therapy, family members will learn to:​​

  • Gain greater clarity on the situation and better understanding of each family member's reactions and intentions. Processing through it together can help to get to the heart of the issue and bring about real change.

  • Communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts to work out a solution that everyone has a say in.

  • Express their needs and share experiences with one another, forming the foundation for a stronger, healthier relationship.

Together, towards family harmony

Your family relationship is worth saving and professional help can support your family in rebuilding trust and finding joy. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Family Therapy may be done hand in hand with Counselling Therapy for individual family members to work out personal issues.

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