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Seek help through in-person and online therapy

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with Play Therapy

Help your child find light in the darkness and overcome difficulties with Play Therapy.

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Our Approach

Change is possible. Anyone’s wish to be free from being bogged down by struggles and even past wounds can be realised. Counselling Therapy helps individuals and families gain clarity and solutions to work through difficult situations. We believe that everyone can benefit from gaining awareness and making positive choices towards wholeness.


Morning Star provides counselling services to children, adolescents and adults, using various therapeutic approaches. We offer face-to-face counselling and online counselling.

Counselling Therapy

Seek help to work through difficult situations, gain insight and come to terms with obstacles to achieve greater wholeness and freedom in life.

Play Therapy

Through Theraplay®-based sessions, help your child cope with fear, trauma and anxiety that they may be unable to express. For children 5 to 12 years.

Family Counselling

Seek counselling as a family to navigate disagreements, strained relationships and grief, coming to a positive solution everyone can agree on.

Success Stories

"Play Therapy at Morning Star has been very effective in helping my son to face his fear of examinations and school. Through a short few weeks of sessions, his therapist May has helped us to become aware and understand how he sees the stress he is facing. I am very grateful that the techniques that she has shared have helped him to manage his fears and tackle his year end exams bravely. Thank you Morning Star!"
Ms A.

Where we are

Morning Star Counselling Centre
323A Sengkang East Way
Singapore 541323

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Who we are

Morning Star Community Services is a registered charity and Institution of Public Character (IPC) since 1999. We aim to enrich and strengthen family relationships in Singapore. By empowering individuals and families, we strive to build vibrant communities that can make a difference to society.