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Counselling Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in the services of TherapySG, Morning Star Community Services (Morning Star). By requesting for and engaging our services and activities, you agree to the following terms:


1. Confidentiality of Client Information

All information that client(s) share with Morning Star (any of its employees) will be kept in strict confidentiality and will be used solely for the purpose of therapy. Morning Star respects all client personal data and will not share such information with any external parties except in the following situations:

  • When the client(s) give written consent for information to be shared with another person(s) or organisation(s),

  • When Morning Star perceives that there is a real and imminent danger of self-harm, harm to others or attempt at suicide, or

  • For staff supervision and improvement of Morning Star’s services to the client(s).

2. Keeping of Records

For proper recording and accountability purposes, the counsellor will make graphical and textual documentation of the sessions. Should additional video and audio recording be required, Morning Star will inform the client(s) and seek consent from the client(s) before such recordings are made. All client records will be destroyed 5 years after the last session.


3. Assignment of Counsellor

For the first session, Morning Star will assign a counsellor to the client(s) based on the nature of the situation. At the end of the first therapy session, the client(s) may request for only one change of counsellor.

4. Session Duration

Each session is typically one hour long unless otherwise advised by the counsellor. The client(s) may request for an extension of up to a maximum of one additional hour, subject to the availability of the counsellor. 

5. Scheduling of Sessions

Sessions are by prior appointment only. Successive appointments are usually at least two weeks ahead, depending on the availability of the counsellor. The appointment may be rescheduled by the client(s) or counsellor. 

6. Counselling Fees

The Counselling Fee Payable is per hour based on the published rate. Any subsidies will be calculated based on the client(s) Per Capita Income (PCI).

  • The Counselling Fee Payable will be charged from the pre-appointed time of the session, even if the client was late. In the event the client is more than 30 minutes late, the Counsellor reserves the right to cancel the session at full cost to the client.

  • In the event the Counsellor is late, the Counselling Fee Payable will be charged according to the actual duration of the session, in blocks of 15 minutes, pro-rated according to the Counselling Fee Payable.

  • Extensions are charged in blocks of 15 minutes, pro-rated according to the Counselling Fee Payable.

  • Should the client(s) require to reschedule an appointment, the first cancellation or postponement of a session made by the client(s) will not be charged. However, a fee of 50% of the Counselling Fee Payable will be imposed on the client(s) for any subsequent cancellations or postponements of sessions made less than 48 hours before the appointed session.

  • In the event of cancellations or postponements by the client(s) due to valid unforeseen circumstances and acts of God, Morning Star may grant a fee waiver on a case-to-case basis. Documentary proof must be produced for consideration.

  • Payment can be made via NETS QR at the end of each session.


7. Legal Disputes Between Clients and Limitation of Responsibility

Morning Star will not participate in any legal disputes between clients. Morning Star is not responsible for any action of the client(s) that may have resulted directly or indirectly from the therapy.


8. Withdrawal of Services

Morning Star reserves the right to withdraw its services to any client and to discharge any client if Morning Star perceives that there are differences in opinion between the counsellor and client(s) that might significantly affect the therapy provided. 


9. Onward Referral

Should Morning Star deem it necessary to refer the client(s) to another service provider, Morning Star will inform the client(s) and seek consent from the client(s) before making the referral.


10. Changes to Terms of Counselling

Morning Star reserves the right to make changes to these terms and will inform the client(s) of such changes when they are made.


11. Client Withdrawal or Limiting of Consent to Terms of Counselling

Should the client(s) wish to withdraw or limit consent to any of these terms, the client(s) are to write with full particulars to Morning Star at the following address:


Morning Star Community Services

25 Lorong 33 Geylang

#04-01 Pu Tian Building

Singapore 387985

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