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Couples Counselling

Seek counselling as a couple to resolve conflicts and grievances in your relationship, working towards a positive resolution in a safe space.

What is Couples Counselling?

Disagreements are bound to happen in a relationship, and that is perfectly normal. But when these conflicts turn into hurtful fights and begin to cause distress, professional help may be needed to guide couples to positive resolutions.

Couples Counselling can help couples manage conflicts in finances, work-life expectations, parenting styles and infidelity, or prepare couples for the long-term commitment of marriage.

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What are the outcomes of Couples Counselling?

Through Couples Counselling, couples will learn to:​​

  • Gain greater clarity and understanding of each partner's perspectives and expectations in the relationship.

  • Discuss disagreements in a calm and effective manner, addressing root issues and reaching a beneficial resolution.

  • Reconnect and rebuild trust in one another, leading to a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

Better Together

Often in heated arguments, couples forget one important thing: You're on the same side. Once couples realise this, working together towards a resolution is a lot easier.

There's still hope for your relationship. Book an appointment with our counsellor therapists or enquire about pre-marriage counselling.

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