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Brick Club

The Brick-by-Brick® programme (or Brick Club as the children call it) is a LEGO® play therapy developed by Play Included in the UK to help young persons grow their social skills through positive, meaningful social experiences.

How can Brick Club help my child?

Our trained facilitators will guide your child through the Brick-by-Brick® programme to collaborate, communicate, problem-solve and share fun experiences with others in a safe, comfortable environment playing with LEGO®.

Through Brick Club, your child can learn to build positive friendships, cultivate their self-esteem and confidence and find a sense of belonging.

Brick Club preschooler lego.jpg
Brick Club girl lego.jpg

The science behind playing with LEGO®

Play forms a great part of the foundation in children's development physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

Through playing with LEGO® in a group, children nurture their cognitive skills with creative thinking, engage in social skills like taking turns, teamwork and resolving conflicts, and learn to express their emotions.

The Brick-by-Brick programme is the only LEGO based therapy programme officially endorsed by the LEGO Foundation.

What are the outcomes of Brick Club?

Through attending Brick Club, children will:

  • Learn to express their thoughts and emotions in a safe and positive manner

  • Learn to respect and listen to others

  • Learn to handle frustrations and failures

  • Develop problem solving skills

  • Lower their stress and anxiety in a calm and relaxing environment

  • Build self-esteem and confidence

  • Form a sense of belonging

Brick Club is suitable for children 5 to 12 years old.

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